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Distance Craniosacral Therapy

Traditionally known as an in-person bodywork modality, there is some skepticism around the efficacy of craniosacral therapy at a distance. This is understandable. It can be challenging to wrap the linear mind around quantum science. The concepts of non-locality and entanglement are particularly mind-bending, both of which explain how distance healing works. While often difficult to comprehend, both non-locality and entanglement have been demonstrated repeatedly in laboratory experiments. Here is a deeper dive into the phenomenon. And here's another dive. And I'll offer an explanantion too.

Quantum science shows that each of us is a biomagnetic field. It also demonstrates that each of us is a connected part of the wider universal electro-magnetic field. The non-locality principle states that all things, every person, every subatomic particle, is connected in a time-space continuum. Simply put, non-locality illustrates that we can connect to anyone or any thing, at any time, simply by focusing our attention.

Understanding these principles is what informs my distance work. I can sit in observational, non-judgmental, attuned presence with you regardless of our physical proximity. The focus of my attention, my consciousness, is the determining factor of our connection. That focus, by definition, creates change.

The simplest example of this is resonant with how a radio works. A radio receiver picks up radio waves (which are invisible) and can be intentionally tuned to a specific radio station. The result of this focused intention is that instead of the chaos of static, we hear the coherence of a song. It is our attention that affects an outcome.

In the exact same fashion we can set our focused intention on literally anything in the Universe, (even if it's invisible) resulting in inevitable interaction and inevitable change. In sessions, I put that focused attention on YOU, supporting your body in what it is functionally designed to do - self-correct to homeostasis. We collaborate for the win-win. 

A little background: The first distance sessions I offered occurred as an experiment during the lockdown. I used social media to find volunteers, offering free remote sessions in exchange for feedback. The response was tremendous. I had close to 50 people from around the world volunteer to receive CST at a distance. Each person reported a physical or emotional change in themselves after the session. It was incredible! I then offered remote sessions to clients who had previously only experienced in-person work with me. Incredible again! Each client felt that the remote sessions provided them with the same change-oriented results as an in-person session. They also appreciated receiving CST in the comfort of their own space, without the need to drive home after a treatment. And here we are!​

Distance sessions are highly suitable for babies, children, and people who are in pain or unable to travel. Actually, they are suitable for EVERYONE!

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